Positive Affirmations for Babies

I learned the power of our words early in life. My mom has the best book collection from Shakespeare and Plato to Walt Whitman, Zora Neale Hurston, and Toni Morrison.

Because books were all around me, I assumed they held something powerful within them…something magical. I acted on this assumption and learned to read as soon as I could.

Words are the most powerful tool of transformation we humans have available to us.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. ~ John 1:1

My First Affirmation

In addition to surrounding me with words, books, and knowledge, my mother use to always tell me, “Greatness is in your DNA.”

This was my first affirmation. Any time I was nervous and had performance anxiety about a test or speaking in front of people, she reminded me, “Greatness is in Your DNA.”

She would sometimes explain that this meant I did not have to work hard to be great. Yes, planning and training was important, but when it’s time to perform, you must let go and let your greatness take over. Because greatness isn’t something you do. Greatness is who you are.

I feel so incredibly blessed that I had a mother who loved words and knew how to use them. She taught me the power of thoughts and words to create the results in life that we seek. And I am teaching my daughter the same magical power of word and imagination. She can’t even talk yet, but I want her hardwired for success. Her brain is young and new. It’s still forming the neuropathways that will guide her through her life experience. Success will not even be a option for her. It will be the way. She won’t know any other way to exist in this world. Her truth will rise to the surface of who she is and overflow into the world to do miraculous and inspiring things.

Baby Affirmations

It takes less than a minute to get in front of a mirror with your baby and recite affirmations. Don’t let these precious moments pass you by. If you really take advantage of this opportunity, you can give something to your baby that so many people yearn for in their adulthood. Give your child the confidence of knowing who they are and accomplishing anything they want to in their lifetime.

Geniuses are raised — not born.

So are you ready?

Here’s what you do.

1. Everyday, take 1 minute and go in front of the mirror with your baby. Hold them in your arms and look into the mirror. It doesn’t matter if they’re not paying attention. Just make sure they’re awake and all of their needs are wet. This means they should have a clean diaper and a full belly before doing the affirmations. You want them in a generally happy mood so that this experience is programmed into brain and central nervous system as a happy experience.

2. Repeat an affirmation (suggestions are below) while looking into your own eyes. This shows them how to do this process. Our babies imitate us. Say the affirmation in first person, using “I,” at least 3 times. For example, say “I am powerful.”

3.  Now, look at your baby in the eyes. Again it doesn’t matter if they are distracted. They’re smart enough to still observe without having a singular focus. On some level, what you are doing is still making an imprint on them. Repeat the same affirmation three times, but instead of saying “I,” say “You.” Now you are speaking to your baby. For example, say “You are powerful.”

4. Repeat this for at least a minute or for as long as your schedule allows. Stop if your baby gets fussy or irritated. Never do this exercise with a discontent baby. Always speak the affirmation with enthusiasm. You want to create a positive memory out of this exercise. Positive memories are 100 times more powerful than negative ones.

Suggested Affirmations

Here are some that Skye and I do in the mornings. She loves her affirmation times. Her daddy has even jumped on board with doing the affirmations with her. I can tell that they’re already having a powerful effect. She loves seeing herself in the mirror, which is enough of a reason to keep going. For women especially, being able to smile at your reflection in the mirror is quite an accomplishment!

Out of the list below, choose the affirmations that best resonate with you and your child. You should stick to doing one of these everyday. If you want to add more after the initial affirmation, go right ahead. But repetition works best, especially with babies. So choose one affirmation that you really want your baby to grasp as they grow up, and add others as you see fit.

You Are Powerful.

“I love you” — baby affirmations

You Are Successful.

You Are Wealthy in All Areas of Your Life.

You Are Infinitely Creative.

You Always Remember Who You Are.

I Love You.

You Are a Child of God (substitute “God” with the Universe or any other name for Divine Creation that matches your spiritual beliefs).

You Live Your Life’s Purpose.

You Are a Genius.

You Are a Winner.

You Are Compassionate.

You Have Inner Peace.

Life Loves You.

You Excel at Life.

Don’t see an affirmation that you like or can relate to? Create your own. Just keep it as short and simple as possible. Make the affirmation something general you want your child to accomplish. For example, it’s ok to program your child for success. It’s morally questionable to program your child to be president of the United States. This may not be their calling or their path. This is very dangerous because you could be creating inner conflict in your child when you try to program them so something so specific. Put your ego aside, and use this exercise to really empower who your child naturally is. Let them decide how to manifest the affirmation.

This is such an empowering exercise to do everyday. Teaching your child how to empower and motivate themselves at such a young age pretty much guarantees their success in life.

Lastly, enjoy the exercise and have fun!

Comment below and let me know the great affirmations you come up with.

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