Nia Long Eats Raw, Vegan Food!?!

“I’m in my forties, post baby and I’m thinner than I’ve been in years. The last step will be letting my hair go natural. That’s when you’ll know I’m free…”


Did you see Nia Long on the cover of Essence Magazine??

Apparently she has cut down on eating meat and she frequents a raw, vegan restaurant.

I’m always impressed with celebrities who delve into healthy living. So many people are watching them and idolizing them, it’s nice when they promote healthy lifestyles.

Nia Long says she feels younger. Well, looking at the Cover of Essence, she looks younger too.

I hope this inspires you to stick to your healthy eating goals. Remember, it’s not just being health for the sake of it. Healthy living helps support you in all the important areas of your life.

So don’t give up. Keep going.


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