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Tia & Tamera : Bonus: Funky Food

I was watching Tia & Tamera last night and Tia is filming a movie in Utah and mentioned going to a Raw Food Restaurant (which apparently Utah has a lot of). I had to rewind it because I was like, “WHAT?!?!” I had no idea Tia Mowry was into healthy eating on that level. I know many hollywood stars eat healthy, but I always find it fascinating to know who lives holistically. We can always learn from other’s journeys into holistic eating.

In an interview with Essence Magazine, Tia discusses transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle because she suffered from endometriosis. Tia explains:

“I had endometriosis, a condition where it’s a lot of inflammation in your ovaries and uterus that can make it difficult for you to have a child. I decided to get extremely healthy with my eating, and I no longer have endometriosis and I have a baby.”

I think it’s wonderful that Tia cured herself of this disorder just by changing her diet. Modern medicine has come a long way with realizing that many of the incurable diseases in our modern society are lifestyle diseases, meaning they can be healed by simply shifting how we eat and exercise. But it still has a long way to go.

Never underestimate the power of shifting your eating habits. Get on the internet and do your research. Even if your doctor doesn’t believe in the power of holistic lifestyle in helping your condition, become your own authority on your health. Right now, western medicine education is still limited. when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

For people looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Tia suggests the following:

“I would say start off slow. That’s what I did. A lot of people tend to cut things cold turkey. When you do that, you tend to go back to your bad habits. Also, the biggest advice is you have to have a friend or family member or someone who wants to go on this journey with you. Because when doing it by yourself, and everyone else around you is eating a certain way, you’re going to want to tap into their eating habits. If you have someone who is willing to join in with you on this healthy approach, do it together.”

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